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Wristomo: The wave of the future. Keep your eye on wristwatch-sized cellphones. NTT DoCoMo's Wristomo I-mode wristphone sold out within 20 minutes of going on sale. Wristomo was made available to the Japanese public on Wednesday at 10am local time. By 10.20am, all 1000 devices that made up the wristphone's first production run, had been sold.

I usually like to put photos with the stories, but I just couldn't do for this one . . . A Florida nudist colony is planning what it's calling the first-ever webcast of a nude tennis tournament. For a fee of $10-$13, Internet surfers can go to and watch on demand the two-hour tournament after it's played tomorrow. Yikes! The idea of nude tennis is bad enough, but the thought of putting it on the Web takes it to a whole new level.


Patenting a cure for SARS. According to the Wall Street Journal, scientists' hunt for a SARS cure has turned to a race for patent rights. The Journal describes a number of patent filings which hadn't previously been made public. Most of the claims in the applications are sufficiently broad to allow their holders to claim rights in most diagnostic tests, drugs or vaccines developed to cope with the outbreak. Researchers are divided over whether it is appropriate to seek commercial gain from the discovery of the coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome. Still, the patent applications reflect a scrambling for competitive position among both scientists and companies as the SARS epidemic continues.

It's official, now EVERYONE is doing it. Apparently the latest entrant into the blogging scene is none other than the eternal politician, Gary Hart. The former Colorado senator and 1988 Democratic front-runner for the presidential nomination, before his offshore "escapades," is not officially a candidate, but his blog on is testing the waters. It promises regular political musings from the man himself and a place for readers to comment. I'm not sure it will be terribly successful, however. Not because a blog is not a great way to communicate, but because his content is so lame. In todays comments he says that he "won't run unless he thinks he can win." That's not the kind of stuff that will keep people coming back!


Got some work to do today. While I'm at it, you can square up your squirrel.

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